Oliver - White Light 60

In a world with weekdays, we all need some smooth jams to keep us movin’. This latest mix from Oliver should help.

Download it here… 


Space Art – Psychosomatique 
G.A.N.G. – KKK 
Mike Francis – Survivor (Edit) 
Laid Back – Fly Away (Edit) 
Larry Heard – Gentle Morning Sun (Wolf & Lamb Mix) 
Bruce Haack – Party Machine (Edit) 
Harry Thumann – Sphinx (Edit) 
Edgar winter – Above and Beyond (Instrumental) 
Ish – Don’t Stop (Edit) 
Chemistry – Funky People 
The Supermen Lovers – Take a Chance (Clap Rules Remix) 
Magnifik – Behaving Badly (Nightriders Dub) 
Daft Punk – Ouverture 
Rimer London – Go Away 
Metronomy – She Wants 
Surkin – Silver Island (Para One Remix) 
Girl Unit – Ensemble 
The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me 
The Rockets – On The Road Again (Edit) 
Gina X Performance – Nice Mover 
Brian Bennet – Solstice 
Asha Puthli – Space Talk 
Smith & Mudd - Shulme


Chris Malinchak - Ironbound EP

Sup kiddies. We’re back after a little hiatus. My new squeeze is the 90’s soul-house coming from Chris Malinchak’s latest EP. Check out the rest of the boys on French Express while you’re at it.


DJ Suit - April Chart

Great stuff from my favorite spaniard DJ Suit. 


Perseus - “Love in Zanzibar”

Perseus’ whispering snare drum strikes again. 

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Ladyhawke - “Black White & Blue” (Punks Jump Up remix)

Cutting bassline, classic marimba, and sexy Ladyhawke vox from Britians finest in nu-electro-disco-pop. 

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